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Change the Name - STOP the Stigma

Schizophrenia has become a frightening and misunderstood word, instilling fear and negative images within the general population

Bill MacPhee - An Advocate for Mental Health

When people hear the word “schizophrenia” they think the worst. They research the word and find the media reference people like James Holmes the Colorado movie shooter or John Hinckley who shot president Reagan … read more >>

“Change the Name and Stigma Tour”

Bill along with and team members Ken and Debbie Gibbins are planning a North American speaking Tour called “Change the Name and Stigma Tour”.  … read more >>


The definition of the word schizophrenia is not well understood by the general public.  Schizophrenia literally means “split mind” which incorrectly leads many to associate schizophrenia with multiple personality read more >>